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For this review, we will be concentrating on the CFA Program Gold Course which is offered to candidates for $995. The CFA gold course includes 90+ hours of video lectures, personalized study schedules, print or eBooks to assist discover material, 1000s of practice concerns, and 2 full-length practice examinations. The course is special because they offer 14-17 weeks of live online virtual classes where students can attend live lectures about various CFA topics if students can not make the lectures, they can enjoy them on-demand by themselves tim

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Additionally, using these products implies mainly book-based preparation, which is unappealing to visual or auditory learners. The majority of prospects, for that reason, use prep course items to complement their self-study from the Institute’s materials, or as a total alternative to using those products. So, prospects need to concentrate on the items that they actually need offered their own scenario

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