Fish Attractor

Step 1
Take a two liter pop bottle, place the bottle in a hot water for some time until the glue that holds the black base and the label in the place softens. Remove the base with a twisting motion, and peel off the label.
Step 2
By using a hot nail or a drill, burn or drill a dozen or as many holes possible in the sides and bottom of the bottle and few more holes around the bottle neck.
Step 3
Finally drill a hole in the centre of the bottle cap large enough to insert the cord and tie the cord to a small nail, washer, or anything Continue reading

ROHU Fishing

I was on outing with my friends for fishing, we went to a pond and I was standing near the surface of the water with my net. For a long time we dint get any fish, suddenly something struck my net. I tried pulling it but it was too difficult for me, so I called my friends to help me out. We all suspected it to be ROHU fish since it is a strong fish. We had a very long fight with that fish and finally pulled it out. As we all guessed it was ROHU.
It had upper body with dark scales, lower body and a belly golden brown. Its tail and fin were dark brown in color and the pelvic, pectorial and anal fins with red tint.
Finally we had a satisfaction of that day of our fishing. It was great!!!

Fishing Tips

  • The harder you fight, the harder the fish fights. Once you pull the fish from the cover, let up and let the bass tire out before bringing the fish to the boat.
  • If a bass swims under your boat, extend your arms as far as they will go with rod in hand. Maintain the pressure and you can usually draw the fish out into the open again. Avoid hitting the trolling motor start button while the bass is under the boat, you can cut your line.
  • Don’t fight or pull the fish in the direction opposite to which it is heading. Turn the fish by guiding its head.
  • Don’t get tensioned at any moment Use the tools in your hand: your rod, reel, line and brain. Horsing a big fish to the boat usually means losing it. Continue reading

Learn to make Fish Fry – Chennai style

Required Ingredients:

1/2 Kg neatly cut through the center, when cut this way the masala gets in more deeper.

Chilli Powder : 2 spoons

Salt : 1/2 – 1 spoon (as your taste bud requires)

Ripe tomatoes : 1 – 2 based on the size.

If its too big just use one If you are really courageous try other sauces along a) Vinegar, Chilli and Tomato ( Tip from my father, but I never had the courage to try it) Continue reading


Decide on the type of fish you want. Different kinds of fish (fresh water fish versus salt water fish) require different kinds of equipment. Fresh water fish are easier to care than salt water fishes.

Visit the pet store to purchase all the equipment you will need for setting up a fish tank. Make a list of everything you will need to set up a fish tank.

Set up the fish tank. Place the fish tank in a good location. Add the filter, the heater, the gravel, the plants, the driftwood or decorations, the rocks and the water. Continue reading

Fish Hunt At Kerela

I had gone to kerala for trip of 10 days. It was raining heavily early in the morning. We waited for the rains to stop. Once the rain stopped, we started for fishing in the chalakudy river beside the house. We first used earth worms as baits and got only one fish, the second day we tried using capon intestine as bait and got more fishes. They were quite heavy. They gave a nasty sting when not properly handled.Can anyone tell me the english name of this fish.