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Let the score dictate it!

“Grateful Dead”: I have never heard more music from The Beatles. It seems to be an even bigger story when it comes to The World’s Most Lyrically Profanely Humorous Albums of All Time. “Somewhere Out There” is one of many songs on this list but it is the only one I’ve ever heard that makes me smile. And not everyone who knows The Beatles likes rock tunes or has heard them loves any of them.

“Strawberries”: The Beatles song “Strawberries” is not an ordinary song. It is a song about friendship for the whole family. In that song two guys are working together to get a college student job with no money. One of the guys wants to have a “garden for me” and the other wants to be on the farm while everyone else gets a good part of their money back. “Strawberries” is one of the most beloved songs of all time and still does make me smile.

“All It Takes”: A song that is about life. On this list, I will choose my top 10 classic, greatest or best albums from the band. Here’s a good summary:

1) Bob Dylan is no less a rock and roll icon than anyone could have imagined for a decade and his classic “All I Did For Christmas” is one of his most enduring classics. Dylan has never been more true to himself than when he plays the piano, the free guitar lessons app ( and the drums in his very famous “Strawberries,” but he’s no longer an accomplished piece of folk song.

2) The Beatles never lost their love for rock and roll. In an interview with Rolling Stone they said, “If I had no idea, I would have just gone into singing and kept going and kept on going.”

3) After they released “All I Did For Christmas” in 1978, Bob Dylan was so popular that he decided to turn the song into a major-label hit. The following year, he wrote a series of songs titled “All I Did For Christmas” with “All It Takes”. The title was written in the spirit of the late rocker Bob Dylan and it read, “All I Did For Christmas”.

4) Bob Dylan didn’t have to go to a lot of concerts to enjoy the Beatles’ music. He could go up and do shows around the world and do other things from his personal recording studio in England. He played with John Lennon