How to enable/disable cookies on Droid or Android phones

id=”mod_9244683″>Every once in a while, you will need to enable cookies on your Droid or Android phone. By default, Android phones will accept browser cookies from web sites. But sometimes this option is turned off and many web sites will not function correctly. If you are browsing a web site and it says you need to enable cookies, here are the steps you need to take to turn on cookies. Step 1 If your web browser is not already running, you need to start it by selecting the Browser application on your phone.

Step 2 Once the web browser is started, push the “Menu” button on your phone. This brings up the options for the current application that is running. In this case, the “Go”, “Bookmarks”, “New window”, “Refresh”,”Forward” and “More” options will become available. Select on the “More” option. Step 3 Under the “More” option, you can now select some of the web browser functions. Select the “Settings” function. Step 4 The “Settings” functions is where you will find most Clash Of Clans APK the options to control the Android web browser.

Scroll down until you find the “Accept cookies” option. The box next to it should not be checked. Selecting on the box will put a green check mark and enable cookies for Garena Free Fire Download the web browser. If you want to disable cookies, just toggle off the check box. Other Android Tips and Tricks How to clear the browser cache on an Android phone How to delete browser history on a Droid or any Andr… How to force apps to stop running in the background on your Android phone – Info Barrel Related CommunicationsBest Smartphone in 2012?

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0 of 8192 characters usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. sendingmeegan 13 months ago when I go to my more option I do not get an accept or enable cookies option. what do I do? I need to enable cookies on lg android phone. thanks Amanda 8 years ago Yea, my cookies are enabled, except whenever i go into my google settings, it tells me my cookies are not enabled and it doesn’t allow me to save changes to my google account because it thinks my cookies arent enabled even though they are!

so frustrating. Jessica 8 years ago This really really helped thank you: ) Roger 9 years ago These instructions were right on. Fixed my problem in 10 seconds. Thanks. obtdnc 9 years ago Thanks.