Fish Hunt At Kerela

I had gone to kerala for trip of 10 days. It was raining heavily early in the morning. We waited for the rains to stop. Once the rain stopped, we started for fishing in the chalakudy river beside the house. We first used earth worms as baits and got only one fish, the second day we tried using capon intestine as bait and got more fishes. They were quite heavy. They gave a nasty sting when not properly handled.Can anyone tell me the english name of this fish.

Bottom Fishing

Bottom fishing, called legering in the United Kingdom , is fishing the bottom of a body of water. Bottom fishing targets groundfish such as sucker fish, bream, catfish, and crappie. Specialized fishing rods called “donkas” are also commonly used for bottom fishing.
You need to fish for bottom fish at slack tide. If you try to fish while the tide is flooding or ebbing, you will not be able to reach the bottom as your line will be so far out from your vessel that it is sometimes impossible to hit bottom. Slack tide enables you to have a relatively straight up-and-down arrangement so you can easily hit bottom without wasting too much time. Make sure to plan your fishing trip around the tides. Use the Tide Guide as a prediction for slack tide times. Use the Washburn’s Tables and accompanying Continue reading

Deep Sea Fishing Gives a New Vision though its Hard-Hitting

Mr. Y. S. Yadava, the director of Bay of Bengal Programme said that the fishermen population is growing in India but the fishing resources are depleting. This has affected the source of revenue of many fishermen.

Mr. Y. S. Yadava, the director of Bay of Bengal Programme

Out Coast Guard C. Vivekanada said that nearly 200 Indian boats have lose their way into the Sri lankan waters everyday for a better catch. But Coast Guard Region (East) commander S P S Basra came out with a better idea that fishermen can go in for deep sea fishing, which will eventually improve their catch and earnings. Though Continue reading