Fishing as a Hobby

Fishing as a hobby is really good and more interesting provided you get good catch frequently otherwise it needs lots of patience. It squeeze your time at a fast pace thus it could be opted those who have enough spare time. At times I feel it is cruel also playing with some other living beings life!!!!!! it sounds funny for some but it is the truth. There are hundreds and thousands of past time activities.

Tamil Fish names in English

Some fish names what they call in Tamil nadu and their English names:

Seer fish is called Vanjaram in Tamil.
Barracuda is called Sheela in Tamil.
King Fish – Mavalasi
Gaint Trevally – Parai
Spotted Trevally – Pulli Parai
Little Tunny – Soorai
Yellowfin Tuna – Kerai
Indian Mackerel – illa(eye-la)(or Kanagnkelluthi)
Indian goat fish – Kendal (not kendai)
Murret: Kendai Continue reading

Climate Change Affects Fishing and Fishes in India

Like plants moving to higher altitudes to evade effects of global warming, certain fish species, which were recorded only in Kerala too have moved northwards.

The species were recently found in West Bengal.

Interestingly, the inland fish breeding season seems to have undergone the change. Earlier, July was the breeding season which has advanced to February now.

Climate change has major impact on fisheries sector. Top policy-makers and scientists of the country today echoed similar feelings while deliberating at the two-day Continue reading