Tips for Ice Fishing

  • Ice fishing takes quite a bit more training than usual fishing, so you should start planning your trip a few days in advance.
  • The first thing to think about is whether you wish to camp out on the lake side or not. Ice fishing for catfish is always best if you can stay out on the ice for some time.
  • Confirm you have plenty of food and drink, including whatever hot drinks you may want. A flask full of coffee or hot chocolate is always a nice idea. Check to make sure that your propane heaters work.
  • Take ample of warm clothes, and always overpack clothes. It’s better to have too much and have to strip down, then to get out there and freeze your butt off because you didn’t bring enough.
  • It’s also a fine idea to rig your rod beforehand. There is a lot of set-up concerned in ice fishing, and this will save time. Continue reading

Fishing Tips

  • The harder you fight, the harder the fish fights. Once you pull the fish from the cover, let up and let the bass tire out before bringing the fish to the boat.
  • If a bass swims under your boat, extend your arms as far as they will go with rod in hand. Maintain the pressure and you can usually draw the fish out into the open again. Avoid hitting the trolling motor start button while the bass is under the boat, you can cut your line.
  • Don’t fight or pull the fish in the direction opposite to which it is heading. Turn the fish by guiding its head.
  • Don’t get tensioned at any moment Use the tools in your hand: your rod, reel, line and brain. Horsing a big fish to the boat usually means losing it. Continue reading