Makers of commercial aqualculture tanks

I am from Kerala, India and I am looking to get into fresh water aquaculture – mainly Tilapia, Carps and fresh water prawn. I am looking for someone or a company that manufacturers commercial aquaculture tanks of various diameters for this purpose.If someone has any information regarding this, your help would be greatly appreciated.


Advantages Of Commercial Fish Tanks

  1. Many people think that fish tanks are only suitable in private homes, where residents and houseguests are the only people who can enjoy their pleasing and often soothing appearance. Fish tanks are can be suitable in any number of settings, however. Commercial fish tanks are gaining popularity in business, restaurants, stores, doctors offices and many more places. When looking to decorate your business and office, consider the advantages of adding commercial fish tanks.
  2. One of the first benefits of commercial fish tanks is that a feel of establishment can be added to an office or business. Many offices or businesses may be decorated in many generic styles, but a fish tank may indicate that the business or office is there to stay because a fish tank represents a long term commitment. Continue reading


Decide on the type of fish you want. Different kinds of fish (fresh water fish versus salt water fish) require different kinds of equipment. Fresh water fish are easier to care than salt water fishes.

Visit the pet store to purchase all the equipment you will need for setting up a fish tank. Make a list of everything you will need to set up a fish tank.

Set up the fish tank. Place the fish tank in a good location. Add the filter, the heater, the gravel, the plants, the driftwood or decorations, the rocks and the water. Continue reading