Fishing as a Hobby

Fishing as a hobby is really good and more interesting provided you get good catch frequently otherwise it needs lots of patience. It squeeze your time at a fast pace thus it could be opted those who have enough spare time. At times I feel it is cruel also playing with some other living beings life!!!!!! it sounds funny for some but it is the truth. There are hundreds and thousands of past time activities.

Tips for Ice Fishing

  • Ice fishing takes quite a bit more training than usual fishing, so you should start planning your trip a few days in advance.
  • The first thing to think about is whether you wish to camp out on the lake side or not. Ice fishing for catfish is always best if you can stay out on the ice for some time.
  • Confirm you have plenty of food and drink, including whatever hot drinks you may want. A flask full of coffee or hot chocolate is always a nice idea. Check to make sure that your propane heaters work.
  • Take ample of warm clothes, and always overpack clothes. It’s better to have too much and have to strip down, then to get out there and freeze your butt off because you didn’t bring enough.
  • It’s also a fine idea to rig your rod beforehand. There is a lot of set-up concerned in ice fishing, and this will save time. Continue reading

Special Lighting for Fishing

Fishing has become a popular entertaining activity in many parts of the world, as well as a way to simply catch food for trade and consumption. In the western world especially, devoted fishing events and camps are often held among anglers, so that people can enjoy their favourite activity in a communal and spirited atmosphere. Fishing events can either be societal or competitive in nature, and sometimes involve other activities such as walking and camping. The organised fishing events are also competitions, and are also known as fishing tournaments or derbys. Garden lights and other special outdoor lighting is significant in these competitions to ensure that people can enjoy their early morning and night time Continue reading