A couple of years ago, I had formed an epiphany-I realized that someone (or some machine) has to “make” all those packaged items we find in the grocery store. Think about it…things like lemon curd (which was my epiphany item), hummus, evaporated dairy (yes you may make that), yogurt and even mayonnaise don’t just happen. That is right, lemon curd will not grow on the tree…I needed no idea! No actually, I just under no circumstances stopped to take into account it. We’d a pile of lemons which i was not going to release to waste. In my frantic research to find a use to them, I ran across a recipe for lemon curd, attempted it, and, amazing, it worked! A lot more amazing, it had been delicious!!

So, my search began. I became established to make as many of these mystical foods myself as I could. At that time in life, it had been more for the monetary benefits than our health and wellness. Making these things yourself saves a lot $$. Little did I realize that I used to be also depriving my children of every American’s right of passing…over-consumption of chemical preservatives and additives. It really is amazing if you ask me what goes into these “foods” that is not food whatsoever.
Here’s a test ingredient list from a commercial mayo that you very well might have within your pantry at this roasted pork belly cooking time, just looking forward to you to definitely slather it’s Calcium Disodium Edta all over your innocent homemade whole wheat bread:
“Water, ESSENTIAL OLIVE OIL, Soybean Essential oil, Vinegar, Modified Meals Starch, Sugars, Maltodextrin, Eggs, Contains less than 2% of Sodium, Mustard Flour, Dried out Onions, Dried Garlic clove, Natural Flavor, Enzyme Modified Egg Yolk, Beta Carotene (Color), Lactic Acid, Potassium Sorbate and Calcium mineral Disodium Edta While Preservatives, Phosphoric Acid Ingredient not Normally Found In Mayonnaise Contains: Egg.”
I really like the note about ingredients not really normally within mayonnaise. You think?!?!?!
There are most of FOUR ingredients in true mayonnaise.
1/2 tsp Lemon Juice (might use vinegar instead)
1/4 tsp Ocean Salt
3/4 c. Essential oil (Choose organic. Might use essential olive oil, coconut oil or palm essential oil)
Produces ~ 1 cup mayo
Notice: This formula becomes no work if you have a meals processor chip. The Cuisinart brand has a small hole in underneath from the “pusher” (this is the piece that switches into the top of the processor chip to plug the tubular hole you use to add substances). It works perfect to deliver a decrease drip of essential oil into the emulsified egg. You are going to just need a small patience if you don’t possess a this device.
Crack egg into food processor chip or mixing dish. Defeat the egg using meals processor or hands mixing machine. When egg begins to fluff and turn a lighter yellow color, add lemon juice and salt. Once salt and juice are whisked in well, gradually drizzle a thin, continuous stream of oil in to the mixer while beating. This is where the opening in the pusher comes in handy. If you have one, just fill up the pusher with oil and allow it do the task for you. Defeat until oil is gone and tada…mayonnaise!
Store in the refrigerator inside a sealed pot (another great make use of for saved glass jars). It will last so long as your egg would have, so usually two weeks. Ours never makes it any more than that πŸ™‚ Also, in case your mayo does end up hanging out of a few, it’s possible that it could “break” (the ingredients will individual). This won’t happen to store-bought mayo, because they add chemical emulsifiers to hold everything together. In case your mayo breaks, it’s easy…simply whip it up once again.
Happy Mayo Making!!
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